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      Classification of medical devices

      Medical devices can be classified into diagnostic and therapeutic.
      First, diagnostic equipment
      Physical diagnostic equipment (thermometer, blood pressure meter, microscope, audiometer, various physiological recorders, etc.), imaging (X-ray machine, CT scan, magnetic resonance, B-ultrasound, etc.), analytical instruments (various types of counters) , biochemistry, immunoassay instruments, etc.), electrophysiology (such as electrocardiograph, EEG, EMG, etc.).
      Second, treatment equipment
      General surgical instruments, light-guided surgical instruments (fiber endoscopes, laser treatment machines, etc.); auxiliary surgical instruments (such as various anesthesia machines, ventilators, extracorporeal circulation, etc.); radiotherapy machinery (such as deep X-ray treatment machines, cobalt 60 Therapeutic machine, accelerator, gamma knife, various isotope therapeutic devices, etc.; other types (microwave, high pressure oxygen, etc.).
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